The crossroads of Technology and Teaching can be a difficult intersection to navigate.  By focusing on real world improvements in the Teaching environment, Technology Planning & Consulting can help you from start to finish with your G Suite for Education/Google Apps for Education initiatives.  Keeping the key end users front of mind - Teachers who teach 21st Century Skills, and 21st Century Learners who expect support for anytime/anywhere teaching and learning - we drive our efforts to break down the Technology learning curve in a way your unique organization and people can digest easily and quickly.


Google Services
& Support


We’re proud of our partnership with Google. We’re grateful to provide the unique value of specialized services with Google to tech-forward learning institutions.

Through setup and in-person training sessions, we help you get the most from the G Suite for Education/Google Apps for Education platform/application suite, cultivating an exciting and enriching educational ecosystem that’s easy-to-implement and easy-to-maintain.

Access to Expanse
of Experts


Teachers regularly toil under tough demands and limited resources. TechPlanning broadens your support base by our access to a wealth of subject-matter experts and software providers, who can help customize tech solutions for teachers and their students.

We scale to every size, delivering tools and training for mastering Google Apps for Education for an entire school district, or right down to a single-grade level.

Deep Commitment
to Service & Outcomes


Our partnership with Google to help enhance education stems from our shared commitment that drawing on the knowledge base of concerned, caring professionals everywhere will produce solutions that strengthen everyone. That motivates our commitment to the highest levels of customer service.

Having worked alongside multiple Baldridge Award winners—the only presidential award for performance excellence—we believe it’s essential to exceed customer expectations, and we commit our experience level and expertise to nothing less.