Please Pass the Dogfood...

So what does Dogfood have to do with implementing Google's platform in Education.  Nothing, in the literal sense.  But Dogfood-ing is critically important.  Dogfood-ing, if you're not familiar with the term, came out of Microsoft in the late 1980's as a manifesto for the company to run their own software to run their own business to the extent they could.  Brilliant idea!  This concept is embraced by any smart technology company.  I've seen a bit less of it in Education... wonder why that is?

At Motorola, Apple, Boeing, NASA and elsewhere, I've helped Dogfood projects find their pace, grow and deliver.  At TechPlanning, we're eating as much of the Google Dogfood as we can as we grow our team and diversify our Customer base.  Collaboration is an imperative of our company - no one works in isolation, despite geographic separation.  Google eats a mighty portion of its own Dogfood, too, so the platform works both when we're dealing with Custoemrs and working directly with Google.

Now, having been an Apple fanboy for the better part of 25 years, I will not say that Dogfooding Google has been without its ups and downs.  There are still a few things the Mac does better than a Chromebook, but these examples are few and far between.  Photos is an area like this - but Google's solution will get better.

So I challenge you, the reader, to find a way, despite the organization and level you work at, to scoop up a forkful of Dogfood and join the rest of us in our journey.  MMM... that's tasty!

Chris Church, Managing Partner
Technology Planning & Consulting, LLC