Progress in Brooklyn

I love my job.  I get to meet people I consider to be Change Agents, trying to make a difference in K-12 Education, every day.

Today it was Ms. D and Mr. W from a forward-thinking school in Brooklyn.  They are looking at two things, one - utilizing Google Docs for collaboration among staff to replace the copier person that retired from their school.  And, they're interested in Google Classroom for one of their grade levels where three teachers teach the same cohort of kids.  Very smart thinking.

We always recommend a realistic set of goals for a project, along with a proper timeline and budget.  This principal has all three going for her.  And her Technology SPOC, Mr. W., is right on task.  They have an executable vision, accepted the concept of phasing a project, and are looking forward to our proposal.  A little more investigative work before we ship, but I'm confident it will work out.

Thank you Mr. W and Ms. D for being part of the solution, not part of the problem.  We very much look forward to working with you.  Working with New York City Department of Education schools is very rewarding, and I look forward to this project!

Chris Church, Managing Partner
Technology Planning & Consulting, LLC