Jam On, With Google Jamboard!

 Google Announces "Jamboard" Digital Smartboard for Collaboration

Google Announces "Jamboard" Digital Smartboard for Collaboration

Google lovers will love this... Google has officially entered the Smartboard world, with the Google Jamboard.  The first hardware product of the newly branded "G Suite", I'm sure this offering will be a strong competitor to "traditional" electronic smart boards.  Go Google, and I HAVE to have one of these!  (Sorry, I don't know why!)

There is a lot of controversy surrounding mass purchases of Smartboards in some school districts, and then having them become Shelfware (interpretation: gathering dust).  I haven't seen the Jamboard yet, but in reading about it and its seamless connectivity to the G Suite and Google Cloud, I can't help but think that for enterprises who can afford the price ($6K) and have a lot of Hangouts/remote workers, it will make sense to try it out.  Not directly targeted to Education, but I can see some applications.

Here's a link to Google's own blog post about Jamboard.  Enjoy!

Christopher J. Church, Managing Partner
Technology Planning & Consulting, LLC