New Service Offering... Google QuickStarts!

Want to go Google and don't know where to start?  Or you've started, and need help with some Google domain setup, administrator training, or Professional Development for your teaching professionals?  TechPlanning has a solution, called the "Google QuickStart".

QuickStarts are fixed price projects designed to deliver technical, project management, change management and Professional Development services spread over time.  Need a Google domain for your school?  We will acquire one for you.  Need help configuring your Google Admin Console, we will apply industry best practices to support collaboration but not at the expense of teacher or student safety.  Need to energize your staff and train them in the good things Google Apps for Education can bring to the school, we'll provide that.

Contact us today for more information and pricing.  And of course, thank you for your interest in Going Google!

Christopher J. Church, Managing Partner
Technology Planning & Consulting, LLC

"Unschooling" Threatening Conventional Education?

Interesting article by KQED about "unschooling", basically a highly unstructured approach to home schooling.  The article asks whether "Public School" (as if this is an organization... so diverse, too fractured to refer to all Public Schools in general) is "scared of unschooling".

I don't think so.  But I do think career educators and researchers are wary of new approaches to teaching, wondering if what appears on the surface to be a very unstructured process (it doesn't really look unstructured to me) will prepare students for successful transition to the workforce or to higher education.

Interesting idea, "unschooling".  I'm not sure I'd support it, and I don't think the general world of Education is "ready" for it, but it seems to be a growing trend.  With oversight and structure it does make sense that this approach will work for at least a subset of homeschooled children.  I do have to say, from the article, I like the articulation of learning objectives and tracking progress, regardless of the path the home learner takes to acquire the knowledge.

Here's a New York City Department of Education resource on home schooling.  Doesn't really address "unschooling", but if you're interested, give a look.  And, of course, I think Google's education productivity would be an awesome adjunct/facilitator to home schooling.  Not sure how the economics of that work... are Google Apps for Education somehow accessible for free to home learners?  Interesting question...

p.s. when in Northern California, or listening to NPR anywhere I have always found KQED articles and reports insightful and thought provoking.  Found the article on Twitter today.  Good on you, KQED!

Christopher J. Church, Managing Partner
Technology Planning & Consulting, LLC